Opportunistic Onions


Bit of background

Opportunistic Encryption:

Some Protection, Most of the Time

Opportunistic Onions:

More Protection, Some of the Time


Reducing the load on the exit nodes

Reducing exit node attack surface

Hence improving privacy of Tor users!

And for Cloudflare …

Fine-grained rate-limiting based on circuit ID

Hence less CAPTCHA friction for humans of Tor!

Many thanks are owed

Folks at Firefox, particularly Patrick McManus, the entire Tor Project team, and many at Cloudflare

Run it yourself:

Tor with Proxy Protocol: https://github.com/mahrud/tor

Opportunistic Onions plugin for Caddy: https://github.com/mahrud/caddy-altonions

Happy hacking!

Interested in beta testing?

Opportunistic Onions is now available for all of our customers through the Cloudflare API:


Visit https://api.cloudflare.com to get your API key.


Email for bug reports, comments, etc.:

mailto:[email protected]